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Anticipate, Prepare, And Recover Your Educational Institution From a Crisis Confidently

How prepared is your school for crisis?

It takes years and significant resources to build and nurture your reputation. However, unplanned events such as fire outbreak, illness of key staff, accidents at work, scandals and financial issues, accidental death, etc. can destroy that reputation in a blink of an eye – and have devastating effect on your school.

This could see you losing money, students, employees, and even going out of business altogether. But with the right planning you can take steps to minimize the potential impact of a disaster and ideally prevent the troubles from arising in the first place.

That’s where we come in…

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We Provide Strategic Crisis Management For Clever Response Plansлиния

Our crisis management team is the best to call when:линиялиния

  1. Your project isn’t bringing in the expected profit

  2. There is chaos in processes

  3. There’s an excessive staff turnover or the staff don’t want to work

  4. You staff aren’t coping with the tasks

  5. There are room problems

  6. You suffer from complaints, customer churn and difficulties in attracting new customers

Our Crisis Management Servicesлиниялиния

To effectively deal with a crisis, we need to know the current stand of your business. We will help you develop a strategy for success by conducting a SWOT analysis, audit your business, analyze your business model, and find errors to access your business current position before deciding on any new strategy
Plan For The Exit Of Your Crisis
In the face of crisis, well-prepared school leaders can help protect their employees and their bottom lines. Our team of expert crisis management consultants will develop a roadmap with a detailed list of necessary steps for overcoming the crisis
Process Optimization
Here our goal is to help you get more from your processes. We will take your old business processes, optimize the processes where errors have been identified, and register new processes for efficiency
Creation Of New Standards
Implementing standards sets you apart from your competition and inspires confidence in your school business. It can also help attract adequate student numbers, quality teaching staff, and open doors to new markets. Work with us and we will help prescribe new standards and instructions, and set up a quality control system
Staff Training
We won’t set new standards and leave you and your business to your fate. We will train your team to work according to new standards and improve their qualifications
Restart and Support
Our team of experts will you and your workers with practical advice and clear direction during the entire period after the restart
We stay closely in touch with you and your team and provide additional training and assistance when needed

Are You Prepared For a Crisis?линиялиния

The old ways of managing crisis are no longer enough. In today’s complex landscape, clever businesses always have a plan ready to respond quickly in the face of events that may ruin their reputation and possibly put them out of business.

Clever Kids experts are dedicated to providing innovative solutions needed not just to survive but to thrive.

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