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In our experience, there is nothing more exciting than starting a new project. The opportunity to create the perfect learning environment for students and teachers can be fulfilling and incredibly rewarding. However, recognizing the fundamental elements needed to start up a project can also easily become extremely overwhelming.

We at Clever Kids understand that starting from scratch and making it successful requires time, high expertise, lots of practice and practical knowledge. We also acknowledge how important it is to have a support system, especially at the beginning of a business.

And this is where we come in…

Create a World-Class Environment For Teaching And Learning With a World-Class Team By Your Side

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Startup servicefrom clever kids internationalлиниялиния

Our startup service is designed to bring in excellent expertise, standards, system approach, expert feedback, and coaching support to develop a world-class educational business that is cost-effective and efficient.

We understand every aspect of launching educational projects from concept creation to brand & identity, business planning, room design, down to the steps required for making sure every student receives a first-class education.

Do you have a passion for children and want to avoid the common mistakes made by many during the launch of educational business business?

Perhaps you’re a private investor looking to make a difference by creating a better future for the young children through quality education while earning profit?

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Clever Kids International can attest to our expertise and success in developing best-in-class educational projectsлиния

Our Unique 3-Step Approach:линиялиния

  1. Focus on revealing kids potential to grow happy successful personalities and future leaders.

    Soft skills development is a must, individual approach to every child, treating every little human with respect and care

  2. Harvard + 5-star hotel service

    The highest level of standards, every detail taken care of, every slightest process planned, every child is ensured the best care, every staff from nanny to security perfectly trained

  3. Building a system business

    Reasonable effective business processes supported by quality control system which will ensure stability of work and high quality of service.

How We Can Help You to startлиниялиния

Concept and strategy
We will develop a creative concept for your project, taking into account your capabilities, budget and location. We will also assist you in choosing a format and profitable niche
Brand and identity
Your brand identity is the special sauce that sets you apart. We will create a name, corporate identity, and develop a brand book that will shape a strong brand identity for your new school business
Business Planning
Building any business is hard work and risky - schools are no exception. However, having a plan can allow you move forward with confidence. When you work with us, we will help you develop a profitable business model (staffing, operating costs), calculate investments and profitability, and help you choose a tax system that is essential to your success
Regustration of TM and obtaining a licence
Registration greatly enhances the value of your business. We will help you protect the assets that matter to your business by handling the trademark process from start to finish and also prepare documents for obtaining a state license on the first try
Design Project and Floor Plan
Whether it’s preschool, kindergarten, middle school, or high school, the educational architecture is a powerful tool for stimulating creativity, as well as enhancing motivation, concentration and understanding. We will develop a brief for an architect and a design project that will be comfortable for hundreds of kids yet cost-effective
List of Equipment
You know you’re going to get equipment for your new school – but what does your school need? We have worked with students for years now and we have a good idea of what will help them achieve great results. To ensure all students make the most of their learning opportunities, we will compile a list of equipment, furniture and didactic educational materials, software and organize the purchase
Food suppliers
We will select food suppliers and organize meals for children
Training Program
We will help you choose a development methodology and draw up a curriculum aimed at gaining knowledge and developing the necessary skills and habits of highly effective people. We will teach you how it works so you are covered in every way
Lessons and event plans
We will draw up lesson plans and all school activities according to education program and all standards of
Work with team
We will create team profile, do all the work of team recruitment, team building to ensure you get a strong team of professionals on board
Management standards and processes
We will develop all standards and will ensure smooth operation with effective business processes controlled by multilevel quality control system
Parents onboarding and involvement
We will take care of parent's love from first call to the last bell and will make sure
Marketing and advertising
We will help you to attract first clients
Support and mentoring
We will provide full mentoring and support for the first three months after a successful launch and will stay in touch with you in any case you need our help

How to start working with us?линиялиния

The support we provide at Clever Kids International is professional, yet friendly, because we all grow together. Our major concern is to steer your project in one piece through its conception, feasibility and implementation phases, while meeting crucial deadlines.


We meet online and discuss your project


Following your wishes we prepare proposal – cost estimate, schedule, scope of work and discuss all terms in the contract


We work on the project, you get the detailed reports


What will you do afer the project has been successfully launched?


There are two options. Either you start managing your school or we take perfect care of school management – please learn more about or Management Service

Are you ready to design and launch your new project? линия


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