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Make your school a place of fun exploration and education, inspiration and safety so that students and teachers will not want to leave at the end of the day and parents will be happy

We are living in a time of significant change in education. As a result, schools and their leaders are facing both challenges and opportunities for charting an exciting future for young children. In every market educators are expected to master new technologies, respond to changing education needs at highly competitive market and keep providing excellent level of educational service and student outcomes.

Clever Kids International takes pride in having a team of smart, intelligent, and highly experienced professionals who are truly passionate about value-added learning and work to bring personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive training and partnerships.

We stand out by not only WHAT we do, but HOW we do what we do. In our practice every detail, every thing, every service has a sense and purpose and thoroughly thought.

Our team will effectively help you to transform your school from ordinary to extraordinary practices.

We help educational systems and providers to create a positive school culture, improve management strategies, team performance and outcomes

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who needs our services?линиялиния

Entrepreneurs planning to start up a new school and need assistance in:

  • Finding a niche
  • Choosing a business model and estimating investments
  • Developing effective education program
  • Choosing and zoning a building that is comfortable for children and cost-effective
  • Training and adapting a new team and creating high performance team culture
  • Build effective business processes, set standards, quality control system
  • Ensure client satisfaction and effective clients onboarding and management

School business owners and educators who wants to improve their schools performance:

  • Design and implement new strategies
  • Enhance team performance and culture
  • Strengthen learning techniques
  • Build effective onboarding systems for new clients and strengthen parents’ loyalty
  • Reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • Solve problems like staff turnover, conflicts with students and parents, low quality of educational service, profit loss
  • Face new challenges like introducing new services, learning practices or business expansion

We can help you if you are entrepreneur wanting to start up a new school and are confused about finding a niche, choosing a business model and calculation financial performance, getting a license, calculating investments,choosing a method of child development, building management correctly, choosing and zoning a classroom that is comfortable for children and cost-effective.

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We Are Committed To Excellence In Educationлиния

How do you benefit from working with Clever Kids International?линиялиния

  1. High-level expertise backed by 17 years of cosulting practice

    Work with experienced school consulting professionals who have developed and implemented multiple strategic solutions and really “get it” when it comes to school consulting.

  2. Customized Approach

    You will get a tailor-made approach for each project based on deep diagnostics, understanding of background and context, needs of all stakeholders and available resources

  3. Excellence in operations

    With us you will get perfectly aligned processes, precise standards, quality control system and smooth operations so that you can focus on quality of work with students, parents and team

  4. Ongoing Support

    We don’t just help you get started, we stay and continue to support you to ensure you stay on track. You will have peace of mind knowing that someone will support you or your team to see all plans are successfully followed through

  5. Strategic Guidance

    Get strategic advice designed to underpin your school improvement plan and meet your specific needs

Let Us Help You Achieve Higher Enrollment Levels, Increased Cash Reserve, And Long-Term Stabilityлиниялиния

Business Diagnostics
We will conduct a SWOT analysis of the educational institution, identify bottlenecks, errors, causes of problems and growth zones, and draw up an action plan
Consulting on Licensing and Registration
We will help you register a TM and obtain a license, as well as comply with all safety rules and regulations
Architectural Consulting, Design Project Development
We advise architectural bureaus on zoning and creating a comfortable space for children
Development of Educational Programs
We will help you develop an effective and progressive educational program or improve an existing one
Online Training
We will adapt the program and train teachers to work in an online format to make learning interesting and effective for the child.
Executive Leadership and Team Building
Hiring, estimate, adaptation, team building etc. to create a strong team of excellent professionals for your business
Marketing and Advertising
We will help you develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy, improve advertising efficiency
Strategy and Scaling
We will draw up a strategic plan for the development of a school or kindergarten, a business scaling model
Relationships with Parents
We can help you to build strong relationships with parents and love from first call to the school to the last bell of their child graduating.

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