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Проект 1 Clever Kids at Pechersk – Preschool and Primary school at Pechersk, Kyiv

Premium kindergarten and modern primary school for 155 children aged from 1.5 to 12 years. The school has own building of 1650 m2 at own closed protected territory and provides everything needed for children: educational facilities, children’s sports and creative areas, playgrounds, sport grounds. Services within the concept of “everything under one roof” include preschool, primary school, 12 studios for creativity and sports

Проект 1 Clever Kids at Riviera Villas – Preschool and Elementary School,Kyiv

A private premium class kindergarten and elementary school for 48 children aged from 2 to 9 years old is located in a green area in a pine forest and was built using eco-technologies and materials. We created physically and psychologically comfortable conditions for children that inspire, support and awaken in children an interest in knowledge and research of the world around them.

Проект 1 Clever Kids at Obolon – Preschool and Elementary School at Obolon, Kyiv

Modren Preschool and elementary school for 155 children aged from 1.5 to 9 years old . Has its own closed guarded territory of 0.5 hectares and main building with area 2911 m2. Created withing “Everything under one roof” concept – preschool, school, 2 swimming pools, over 15 various arts and sport studios for kids development.

Our projects and intiatives line line

Проект 1
Online Eco-lesson “Earth Day Every Day”

As part of partnership with Earth Day Network Clever Kids students created an animated video lesson for peers about responsible using of Earth resources and ways to save the planet.

Проект 1 CleverUp – Montessori Teacher Productivity Tool

Web app for preschools and schools who use a Montessori method created to ensure transparency of child’s progress tracking and communication in Montessori methodology. The app serves as a record keeping tool for teachers, management tool for Principles and a daily-basis child progress update source for Parents.  CleverUp already proved its efficiency as a record keeping […]

Проект 1
Delicious, healthy organic meals catering for kids

We know how important a balanced diet is for children’s health, so we have created a service for the delivery of delicious and healthy baby food made from fresh organic products in the kitchen of our Clever Kids kindergartens. You can choose three types of menus – balanced, lactose-free and gluten-free, and get ready-packaged food […]

Проект 1 – Online educational project for parents

Online education project by Yulia Demydenko for families expecting babies and parents on issues of pregnancy, preparing for child birth, development and upbringing of children. Includes individual consultations, webinars and online courses on hypnotherapy, preparation for birth, recovery of mothers after delivery, as well as birth support services

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Clever Kids Franchise

Сonsulting case studies line

School Design

Development of school concept, elaboration of technical task to the architect, design-project of school and room plans.

Kindergarten “Vulyk”, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Consultations on the implementation of the Montessori method, training of staff on the organization of kindergarten and work with children: development of educational and methodical program, documentation, intellectual and physical development of children, communication with children with special needs and parents.

logo Marblue Montessori Academy (now Guidepost Montessori) USA

Crisis management and increasing the attractiveness of education network before sale. The measures taken included auditing education program and improving the efficiency of the educational process, Teambuilding and improving the moral climate among staff. As a result, the network continues its successful operation in the United States under a new name Guidepost Montessori.

logo Novopechersk School, Kyiv, Ukraine

Development of preschool school section – elaboration of the concept and education content, education program, service standards and business processes, development of the team profile and staff training, launch support.

Why clients trust us line line

otzyv Dariya Fuchenko
Daria Fuchenko
Methodist, Seniour teacher
"Vulyk" Kindergarten, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Impressions of training at Clever Kids and the experience of working with employees exceeded my expectations. Of course I expected qualified experts in my field, but I was impressed with the work of their team. The program I studied was clear and well-structured. Director, methodologist, speech therapist, psychologist, teachers did their best to share information and experience as much as possible.

Especially useful for me was the information on work practices in classroom and the opportunity to attend lessons at Clever Kids. Important in our cooperation is not only the experience gained in Kyiv, but also the continuation of communication via Skype conferences.

I face various issues during work, and support and advice of Clever Kids employees speed up and simplify solving many of them. I appreciate their openness and desire to share their knowledge and experience.

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detskyy sad vulyk
Natalia Peresadko
Founder and Director
"Vulyk" Kindergarten

Our collaboration with Yulia Demidenko and Clever Kids began in May 2014. We had the idea to create a quality kindergarten in Ivano-Frankivsk, which would depart from the classical form of education. The approach to raising children was considered in terms of naturalness and psychology of self-study. We were interested in Maria Montessori’s method. The question arose of studying best practices of existing reputable preschools working in a similar direction. We visited four private kindergartens in Austria and one in Ukraine – Clever Kids.

The first impression was fascinating. We were impressed by the family atmosphere, warmth, devotion, combined with professionalism and decided that within Ukraine we want to study in them. We contacted Julia and arranged a meeting. Her openness and willingness to bring value contributed to further cooperation.

Training at Clever Kids has greatly facilitated the organization of our kindergarten. Specificity and clarity in the organization and management of this business, documentation, curriculum, Montessori education, intellectual and physical development of children, communication with children with special needs, communication with parents – all these skills and knowledge Clever Kids team has rendered with love and devotion to our employees.

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otzyv Zoya Litvin 2
Zoya Lytvyn
Director General
Novopecherska School, Ukraine

First I met Yulia in April 2014 when we applied to Clever Kids kindergarten as to the independent consultant for classroom management for our pre-primary school.

Yulia Demydenko have analyzed the project on its early stage and offered a concept of preschool class which was supposed to later become an integral part of school instead of being an independent city. After the concept was approved, Yulia elaborated the project in details starting from the description of services for kids and parents, pricing, class design, educational program, development, preschool teachers guidance package and training. The whole project was set up in just 3 months.

Yulia Demydenko has excellent communication skills, in addition she is extremely organized and reliable, she can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that jobs get done.

I enjoyed working with Yulia and I am happy to provide this recommendation because I have great respect her as an individual and as a professional.

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otzyv Maria A. Martin 2

It is with great pleasure and much gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation for Iuliia Demydenko. During the 2017-2018 school year, Iuliia provided consulting services to our school for the purpose of improving and streamlining processes, improving learner outcomes, and increasing staff morale and teacher effectiveness in our classrooms.

The wealth of knowledge, experience, and professionalism she brought to our school has proven invaluable. In these short nine months, Iuliia helped us organize our school and our academic program for maximum efficiency and exceptional outcomes.

By closely observing classroom practices and teacher/student interaction she was able to provide valuable suggestions for classroom layout improvements and schedule adjustments, as well as helping teachers to implement a number of highly effective teaching strategies. Once implemented, these suggestions had an outstanding effect on learning outcomes.

Through coaching and regular seminars, she introduced our staff to a number of practices for relieving stress and fatigue during the day, both at school and at home. This has led to happier, more productive teachers, which in turn has led to improved learner outcomes. Iuliia also introduced a number of strategies staff could employ during difficult moments in the classroom to quickly bring about calm and restore order to the environment.

Iuliia helped us bring our staff together through a series of shared, team-building events, spaced throughout the year. These events helped shape our staff into a cohesive team, where members felt more connected and supportive of each other. This feeling of connection has led to a greater degree of cooperation among staff, leading them to focus more on the needs of students and the school and less on petty staff disputes and unhealthy types of competition.

All in all, I haven’t enough words to describe the depth and breadth of positive impact Iuliia has had at our school and how that impact has elevated our environment and the quality of instruction we provide. I highly recommend her services.

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