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From Good to Great: Professional growth of your team based on a shared vision of goals, culture of teamwork, development of new competencies and teaching experiences.

Great results are achieved by high performance teams led by innovative leaders. As your team grows professionally and is united by shared vision and goals, you are able to create a positive happy environment for your children and their parents as well as bring transformative changes, innovative learning practices and improvements for outstanding outcomes.

By growing your team and improving team culture you will create the atmosphere of trust, respect and cooperation. You will inspire your staff to cooperate, deliver better educational service, pay more attention to needs of your students, introduce new ideas and learning approaches for outstanding outcomes.

By developing your executives, you will grow difference-makers who will lead your team to achieve shared goals. Executive leadership helps to build clear vision, identify limitations, develop new skills or behavioral set needed by your leaders to lead at their best.

Let us help your leaders grow and improve your team performance to drive long-term business success

Support your school growth with positive environment that inspires your team to do their best!

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We believe that talent, expertise, or the latest progressive learning approaches are not always guaranteed by institutional credentials, degrees, or diplomas.

Clever Kids has trained 1000+ personnel using gold standard and can address your unique skill and knowledge gaps and help your personnel adopt safer, better, and more efficient work practices.

We train not only executives and teachers, but also security guards, nannies, cleaners, cooks and all team members who interact with children and parents. We provide personnel with detailed instructions and manuals on how to act in each and every specific situation to guarantee smooth operation and interaction.

We Provide Gold Standard Support That Allows Educators Make Greater Student Impactлиния

How do you benefit
from Working With Us?линиялиния

  1. High Level of Expertise

    After 17 years in education sphere we have gained a unique international expertise in growing, and leading teams for outstanding organization results

  2. High Performance Team

    Our bespoke training programs are designed to help you build high performance team understanding both your short-term and long-term business goals and motivated to work together for higher quality outcomes

  3. Excellent Quality of Education Service

    With help of our consultants you will learn how to meet and overcome expectations of your clients and how to create an excellent education service to win education market

  4. Improved Results

    Results are everything in a business and our training is designed to improve the results your team delivers. You will see a motivated team of members who will better concentrate on needs of their students and parents and deliver better outcome.

  5. Continuous support and supervision

    With us your get ongoing support of your leaders and team – we provide ongoing professional learning sessions for your team, monitor your success and help you to solve arising issues

How Can We Help you?линиялиния

Leadership Development and Coaching
We support and inspire leaders to move forward and create outstanding learning environments through shifting mindsets and paradigms. Our bespoke development process for leaders will guide you to clear and achieve your goals, become a more effective leader, build and lead high-performing teams
We carefully blend constructive comments, positive feedbacks, and a clear recipe for change to evaluate the performance and productivity of your employees in order to identify the gaps in your business. We will also work to identify the potential causes of conflict in your school and draw up a team development plan
Team Building and Motivation
Your team will inevitably grow weary regardless of the kind of excitement and anticipation they bring in each new school year. Great school leaders understand the importance of training and motivating their team and we are the best when it comes to creating a friendly atmosphere and reduce staff turnover. We will help you to create a positive environment inspiring your team to unite and do their best moving towards common goals
Teachers Training
Just as teachers have to bring relevant learning experiences and provide engaging and enduring learning, school leaders also have to support teachers’ professional development. We will help your team to develop better learning practice, handle effective behavior management to make the learning process more effective
School personnel training
We can help your new employees adapt to new environment, deepen your skills in school management or integrate a range of skills into your curriculum, master tasks and areas of responsibility, effective communication skills. We train all types of personnel – administrative staff, security guards, nannies, cleaners, cooks, and other team member who also interact with the children. We set up algorithms for all processes and step-by-step instructions: how to let clients through, at what level to talk with children, how to react to conflicts, how to ventilate the room, how to change clothes and wash a child, how to clean floors and toilet, how to set the table, how many times and when to change gloves. Full set of instructions describing all types of situations ensures excellent level of operation under any scenario
Guidance for improving learning practices
We will analyze your education program and improve it to meet your goals, develop lesson plans, curricula for teacher and train your teachers on how to work with it. We will help to train your staff in new progressive methodology, teaching standards and create meaningful learning experiences

How To Start Working With Us?линиялиния

Starting to work with us is easy – request an online consultation so that we could understand your needs and prepare training proposal. The training takes from 3 days to 8 weeks depending on the category, number and level of personnel.


Speak with an advisor

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Book a meeting

Here we will get to discuss your tasks and understand your wishes


Bespoke training proposal

Once we are able to reach an understanding, we then go ahead to prepare a training proposal for you


Terms agreement

We agree on the terms and include them in the contract


We get to work

Seat back, relax, and watch our team of experts work their magic

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