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We are a family of accredited educators and childcare specialists with a shared vision of raising great personalities. We respect and honor uniqueness at all levels, and inspire the love of learning, doing, exploring and achieving.

At our Clever Kids schools we use a personalized approach to raise and educate successful, resilient and self-driven personalities with ambitions to make the world a better place.

Clever-concept is a progressive educational model based on 3 pillars – achiever mindset for success, practical toolset of skills and knowledge for modern life, self-knowledge and self-expression for world impact.

Our winning business model provides minimum 20% return on investment, exceptional student acievements beyond academics and uncompromised client satisfaction.

The founder's story from Yulia Demydenkoлиниялиния

I have 4 amazing kids. I’m honored to be not just their mom, but mentor and guide before they learn to feel and follow their inner compass.

However I’ve never planned to work with children. My journey began from the world of adults – business, teams, consulting and crisis management. I knew that people’s success couldn’t be made right in a few days as they already have deep roots behind attitudes and behaviors; roots coming from earlier years. And then it hit me that if I wanted to create a lasting change, I had to go back in time and start from the bottom of the chain.

First I started to work with students; teaching leadership and self-discipline skills, doing career guidance and prof orientation and was surprised by the fears and limiting beliefs these young adults already had about themselves. Then I continued to work with school children, preschool, babies and only then with parents who have the biggest influence on personality.

Since then my mission has been to prevent problems of adults by creating conditions and environments for raising positive, self-driven, and happy little humans who will grow into conscious adults living a full life of full potential, being high-performers, and achievers for themselves and for the world.

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Yulia Demydenko
Sergei Demydenko
Illya Demydenko

Yulia Demydenko

Yulia Demidenko is the founder and CEO of Clever Kids and a mother of four. The only expert in Ukraine advising educational projects in the United States.

Yulia personally takes care of development of education programs, projects and theme events, training and mentoring staff at Clever Kids which guarantees extremely high level of education program, and work of staff at preschools and schools.

Since 2015, Yulia has been developing educational projects for investors, dealing with crisis management and managing schools and kindergartens. Works as a coach of educational project managers in Ukraine and the USA. Awarded with the US Government Award for Excellence in Education and Management.


Sergei Demydenko

Nuclear physicist, strategist and teacher by vocation, Sergei has many years of experience in management, strategy development, project development.

After the birth of children, he changed the vector of development and switched to managing the family business. Now Sergei Demidenko is responsible for the optimization of business models and solutions, interaction with partners, as well as the menu.


Illya Demydenko

Ilya received excellent education abroad and had traveled a lot around the world, but found his favorite business in Ukraine.

Ilya promotes knowledge and experience in the field of premium education and is responsible for elaboration of business processes, development of financial models, choice of technologies.

Our Success Formula Is Based On

Educational model raising success mindset, practical skillset and self-expression for world impact
Perfectly aligned processes, clear learning technologies, system solutions, a three-level control system, attention to every detail
Own system of growing, staff training and mentoring to create a close-knit team, where everyone knows how to work with children and meet high standards
Continuous search and implementation of new progressive ideas and methods, striving and ability to think outside the box in order to find solutions for growth and success
We strive to add value and ensure a high level of satisfaction to all our customers and partners - students, parents, staff, customers and investors
изображение лого

we can bring any project to life линиялиния

Clever Kids International are trendsetters in education and a leader in developing business models for educational projects that truly transform how an institution delivers value
  1. 20

    years of educational, training and managerial, business, and consulting experience worldwide

  2. 2000+

    graduates of Clever Kids successfully study in prestigious schools all over the world

  3. 17

    years of success of own brand Clever Kids – network of premium level kindergartens and school

  4. 14

    successful consulting projects

  5. 1000+

    staff of schools and kindergartens trained

We prefer to let the results speak, Achievements of Clever Kids were recongnized internationally
Letter of Commendation from the Minister of Education of Ukraine

Yulia Demidenko, Director General of TOV “NVK“ Clever Kids ” is awarded for diligent and excellent work, achievements in raising and educationg the younger generation.

The International Montessori Council Membership Certificate

Confirms Yulia Demidenko’s membership in the International Montessori Council from 09/30/2017 to 09/30/2018

Participation in the seminar Sh.O. Amonashvili

The certificate confirms the participation of the Clever Kids team in the seminar by Sh.O. Amonashvili “A humane and personal approach to children in the educational process”

1st place in the nomination "School - green-garden"

Clever Kids kindergarten in Obolon became the winner in the nomination “School – green garden” of the city competition “School yard”



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