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Take a clever first step to financial independence on your own schedule by joining our gold-standard franchise network

With limited opportunities provided by schools, our mission at Clever Kids is to grow big personalities and help them reveal their potential.

Having a wide exposure is the key to developing a well-rounded personality, and with our offerings, we bring a variety of opportunities that students would love to explore.

The idea is to provide enough exposure to young students so that they can identify what they like and utilize learning from one field to apply in another. A wonderful learning experience awaits every student at Clever Kids.

Looking for an opportunity to take your future into your hands while also helping to mold the futures of children in your community?

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In the US, there’s an estimated number of 25 million children under the age of 5, and between 4 and 12 years that number is estimated to reach 35 million.

There are lots of schools, but most of them do not give the up-to-date level of education needed for life and success in the modern world.

Families search for quality education which would not only teach how to read and write.

Such skills as critical thinking, problem-solving, ability to adapt, ability to learn effectively, ability to state and achieve goals, emotional intelligence are demanded by top employees and become crucial for success in life.


Partner with Clever Kids International and take that first step with confidence


Clever Kids International Franchise is a well-established business model that provides valuable education and test preparation services to K-12 students.

We create a safe learning environment and help little humans to open up their talents by using the most progressive methods and developing soft skills.

рисуют дети
рисуют дети

Imagine owning a business filled with smiles, laughter, and fun every single day. You will bring financial security for your family, great career opportunities for teachers and staff, and a much-needed service to your community.

As a Clever Kids Franchisee, you will join an experienced team that already has a successful business model in place. In fact, you don’t need to have experience in daycare or childcare to join our team.

Together step by step, we will help you build the well-deserved trust in yourself and your own future business success.

  • strong brand
  • high standards
  • excellend quality
  • pertfectly trained team
  • grow happy humans

The Clever Kids International business model is designed for franchise success and because education is always seen as a worthy investment regardless of the economy, your new business is practically recession-proof.

We are more than a business; we are committed to shaping the lives of many young children and helping them build a future and we invite you to become a part of that. In turn you gain the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with your family and focus on what truly matters.

Our Harvard + 5-star hotel approach means that we ensure the highest level of standards, every detail taken care of, every slightest process planned, every child is ensured the best care, and every staff from nanny to security is perfectly trained.

At Clever Kids International we are with you every step of the way.

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How Do We Make It Happen?линиялиния

  1. Maximum practice

    We not only teach academic discipline; we build a curriculum that is forward-thinking and not resting on conventional tradition from the past. By introducing students to STEAM at a young age, students will be able to enter a variety of fields with experience and confidence in nontraditional thinking.

  2.  Self-expression and positive leadership

    We teach children to take care not only of themselves, but also for the welfare of others and the planet as a whole.

  3. Development of soft skills

    In addition to academic disciplines we help children to organize their time, plan and achieve their goals, recognize and express their emotions, present their ideas and get other soft skills crucial for successful personality

  4. Healthy habits

    We believe that what we teach our children now can set them up for a lifetime of good energy, better health, and more immunity. So, we play an important role in instilling healthy daily habits and mini rituals to develop internal discipline, develop self-organization and responsibility, and the skill of taking care of their health

  5. Creative and aesthetic education, development of creative thinking

    We use the aesthetic education approach to teach young students to become keen observers of the world around them and help them in the development of core critical thinking skills to make sense of information, analyze, compare, contrast, make inferences, and generate higher order thinking skills.

  6. Balance of loads for harmonious development: physical, intellectual and emotional

    We create a safe, caring, supportive, and focused environment that helps develop the mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing of our young children for harmonious development as they move forward with their learning

what you get with clever kids franchise?линиялиния

When you partner with Clever Kids International you get the right to use the Clever Kids trademark and brand book. You also have a license to use the CleverUp copyright software and the exclusive rights to use educational methods, curricula and lesson plans
Standards and business processes
As a Clever Kids Franchisee, we will help you develop excellent processes, golden high standards, and multilevel system of quality control. We will also provide you with all the necessary tools to own and operate your business including a package of instructions and techniques for organizing and running a business, recipe cards of dishes, seasonal menu, etc.
Staff training
At Clever Kids International, we believe that training is vital to success. Our training sessions will involve selection, assessment and training of personnel. It’s also going to involve internship of your personnel at our facility. Our training sessions will basically provide you and your team the tools needed to become familiar with our curriculum and methodology for business success.
Progressive Education System – Clever Concept
We take the best of the best progressive learning systems: Maria Montessori, STEAM approach, Leader inside me by Steven Kovi, Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and Mindfulness project to prepare kids for life, both inside and outside of school – both for the present date and a truly unknown future.
Client Service and Parents’ Involvement
Research has shown that parental involvement increases the odds for student’s success in ways such as higher test grades, better attendance, higher completion level on homework, better social skills, etc. So, we keep parents involved in the lives of their children through system of events and informing
Adaptation For Your Project And Launch Support
Clever Kids International is truly a turnkey operation. We assist you through the entire project from concept to obtaining a license. We are there for you from construction till the day you open your doors. All Clever Kids Franchisees have access to concept development, calculation of the business model, a marketing strategy and support entirely dedicated to their franchise operation, and so much more.

How to start working with us?линиялиния

First step is getting to know each other online. Requst an online consultation, we will invote you to online meeting via zoom. We will be happy to invite you to live or online excursion around our kindergartens and schools in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Book a meeting

Fill out a form and sign up for an express online meeting via zoom



Here we will get to discuss your needs and present our franchise model


Bespoke franchise proposal

Once we are able to reach an understanding, we then go ahead to prepare a proposal for you as we adapt franchise package to your needs


Terms agreement

We agree on the terms and include them in the contract


We get to work

We go ahead from A to Z from selecting room, room design, training personnel and stay with you during launch as well as afterwards within mentoring program

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