Open and you or transform your school, preschool, childcare center from ordinary to outstanding and profitable
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Yulia Demydenko
CEO | Founder Clever Kids International Inc.


Run a school or preschool with profit margin 20% and higher


Clever concept is crafted for #RaisingGreat personalities – well-rounded, resilient and successful


At Clever Kids we are #RaisingGreat Personalities - challenge minds and nurture spirits of future leaders and achievers
Open a new or transfrom your school, preshool, сhildcare center from ordinary to truly outstanding


A business owner
An investor
And you want to

Set up and launch any successful educational project – school, preschool, childcare center without the stress of doing everything alone. We will help you create gold standard projects from design till the day you open your doors. If it’ll take you months, it’ll take us weeks


Solve challenges faced by your project – increase enrollment rates, improve efficiency of learning process, create high performance team, improve business processes by creating a loyalty program, training employees, obtaining license, launching an online direction, or increasing the average customer check

Understand the causes of schools problems and learn how to make the business successful by reducing staff turnover, putting an end to customer unsatisfaction, low enrollments and solving financial problems

Invest in a high quality educational project with a solid educational program and strong values and transform education to serve the needs of children, parents and society.

Get high return on investment. You want access to a team of startup, management, consulting, and training experts that will put together a well thought out business model, business plan, and step-by-step implementation plan for business success.

Cooperate with a trusted partner with excellent reputation and succesful projects in the market.

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Every Project is unique. So, We Take Great Care To Ensure That We Design And Launch A Project That Suits Your Highest Expectations


We are trendsetters in education and a leader in developing business models for educational projects that truly transform how a business delivers value:
  1. 20

    years of educational, business, and consulting experience worldwide

  2. 17

    years of success of own brand Clever Kids – network of premium level preschools and elementary schools in Ukraine

  3. 2000+

    graduates of Clever Kids successfully study in prestigious schools all over the world

  4. 1000+

    staff of schools and kindergartens trained

  5. 14

    successful consulting projects


Startup and launch

Setting up a new project can be overwhelming, even for the most resolute of entrepreneurs. If not managed cleverly, the details of the project can cause confusion and ruin the big plan. With special passion for preschool and school education we’ve had the privilege of starting up many projects and delivering learning outcomes. Let us turn your dreams and concepts into a successful business/


What challenge is your business facing? Through our work, we have developed deep expertise to assist business owners continuously improve their enrollment, quality of service and performance and ensure high client satisfaction. We help ambitious leaders who want to define the future achieve extraordinary outcomes

Crisis Management

Is your business prepared for crisis?
We’ve worked with school leaders in Ukraine, USA, and many other countries and have handled many high-profile issues and turned ugly narratives around in a short period. Don’t let the problem spiral out of control, trust us to resolve it swiftly and effectively

Team Building and Leadership

Let us help you grow your business by growing your leaders and creating a high performance team with strong team culture


Having a hard time managing the operation of your project? We understand that educational services need support for their day-to-day management to be successful. Our expertise and experience in managing educational projects will give you the opportunity to focus on your priorities and enjoy smooth operation and excellent outcomes of your business


Interested in a franchise opportunity? This is your chance to secure your financial future as a franchise owner and most importantly make an incredible contribution to the kids and families in your community with a strong and experienced team willing to guide and support you every step of the way.


Проект 1Проект 1
Clever Kids Preschols and Schools
The network of 3 preschools and primary schools under Clever Kids brand is one of the most successful projects in the sphere of preschool education in Ukraine with occupancy 100% at all venues
Проект 1Проект 1
Novopechersk School, Ukraine
Development of elementary school section - development of the concept and education content, elaboration of the service standards and business processes, development of the team profile and staff training, launch support.
Проект 1Проект 1
Marblue Montessori Academy (now Guidepost Montessori), USA
Crisis management and increasing the attractiveness of education network before sale. The measures taken included auditing education program and improving the efficiency of the educational process, Teambuilding and improving the moral climate among staff. As a result, the network continues its successful operation in the United States under a new name Guidepost Montessori
Проект 1Проект 1
Vulyk Kindergarten, Ivano-Frankivsk
Consultations on implementation of the Montessori method, training of staff on the organization of kindergarten and work with children: development of educational and methodical program, documentation, intellectual and physical development of children

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Services

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Maria A. Martin
Marblue Montessori Academy (now – Guidepost Montessori), USA

It is with great pleasure and much gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation for Iuliia Demydenko. During the 2017-2018 school year, Iuliia provided consulting services to our school for the purpose of improving and streamlining processes, improving learner outcomes, and increasing staff morale and teacher effectiveness in our classrooms.

The wealth of knowledge, experience, and professionalism she brought to our school has proven invaluable. In these short nine months, Iuliia helped us organize our school and our academic program for maximum efficiency and exceptional outcomes.

Iuliia helped us bring our staff together through a series of shared, team-building events, spaced throughout the year. These events helped shape our staff into a cohesive team, where members felt more connected and supportive of each other. This feeling of connection has led to a greater degree of cooperation among staff, leading them to focus more on the needs of students and the school and less on petty staff disputes and unhealthy types of competition.

All in all, I haven’t enough words to describe the depth and breadth of positive impact Iuliia has had at our school and how that impact has elevated our environment and the quality of instruction we provide. I highly recommend her services.

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  1. Win-win work for the result

    If you win, we win and with the full support we provide even after project completion, you can never go wrong working with us

  2. High-quality standards in education and management

    We provide the best-quality business support solution that allows students and schools achieve and operate with efficiency and excellence

  3. Well-functioning business system and solutions

    Our streamlined processes, standards, and quality control systems will help simplify tasks and free up more time for business growth

  4. High level of expertise

    Thanks to our many years of experience and successful launch of many projects, when it comes to educational projects, we know what works

  5. Progressive teaching methods

    Our programs give young students relevant and practical knowledge to help them embrace a future they can really be proud of.

  6. Free time

    Tell us what you want and that’s all. We’ll work on it and present you with a successfully finished product while you relax

  7. Legality and compliance with all norms

    We do NOT buy references and permits. Your project will really meet all the norms and requirements that are set in your country

  8. Profitable investment and return on investment

    We build effective business models with high profit margins. That’s why our partners love us

We Are Here To Help You Transform Your Uncertainty Into A Competitive Advantage

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